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(My 37th Post~)

So… before that website that contains Chapter 1-13 of Disgaea 3 Manga were taken out, I manage to save some. I remember I save more than these 3 here. But can’t found it…

..Well, I hope one day I’ll found the others~!  :D

Reblogging my old post again~ (*w*-)


…Disgaea 3 Manga’s official pictures, everyone~!!!

….Of course you guys know that back to the time when Disgaea 3 is newly released, Famitsu, a website from Japan, is providing Disgaea 3 manga scans for free~!!! This manga also introducing Mai, Mao’s maid. ( If Raspberyl’s got 2 lackeys, Mao also got 2 here! Not just 1~!!! )

...Happy?? Yes!
….But the scans already removed from Famitsu, y’know?? WHAT?!  NOOOOOOO!!!!  ( Geez…. That’s too bad, huh?? )

…..Uh.. btw, My 14th Post, everyone…”

REBLOGGING MAH OLD POST~ ‘CAUSE NO ONE SAYS I CAN’T~!!! xD ..But I’m still curious who Mai really is… The manga is not avaliable at my country… TT_TT

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